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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Short week? EGADS!

As we draw to the close of a 3-day school week (I know, teachers worked 4 days, but we only had the kids for 3 days), I present this week's Mr. Teacher column at Titled, "Those Short Weeks are Killers!" it's sort of a rehashing of one of my prior suggestions to trim the fat and extend the weekend. Jack Bauer fans would definitely approve.

Also in linkage news, this week's Carnival of Education is up and running at Teacher in a Strange Land. The theme for the Carnival this week is the Virtual Inaugural Balls, in deference to our 44th President's arrival. For some reason, I seem to have a certain AC/DC song stuck in my head.


Priest said...

AC/DC song running 'round and 'round your brain bucket is it?
Hmmm ... that would be either "Hell's Bells" or "Highway to Hell" me thinks.

Mister Teacher said...

Nope. An AC/DC song about balls...

Priest said...

"And he's got big balls
And she's got big balls
But we've got the biggest balls of them all"

Yeah, catchy tune :)