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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Project Guestbook

As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be a neat idea to ask for EVERYONE who reads this blog to leave a comment! Nothing major, I'm just asking you to take the time to post where you are coming from. Also, put your occupation on there as well. And your hat size while you're at it. Also, your greatest fear.

Nah, let's not make this too complicated. Just take 10 seconds to click on the "witty rejoinders" link, then leave your name and location.

Do this within the next five minutes, and you will meet the love of your life, you will win the global lottery, and you will discover how to turn silly putty into gold. If you choose to ignore this, your pet iguana will die, your thumbs will fall off, and everyone will call you, "Snotty McDingles" for the rest of your life.

Just to be fair, I'll even post the first comment. (I sure hope my OTHER thumb doesn't fall off)


Mister Teacher said...

Mister Teacher-- Mesquite, TX.

Anonymous said...

shannon - teacher - knoxville, tn

Mrs. T said...

Mrs. T
Merry Christmas from Davenport, IA

Anonymous said...

Joe Stokes Mr T, you find O.J.?

ShortWoman said...

Hi and Happy Winter Holidays of Your Choice from ShortWoman of Mukilteo WA (formerly of Fort Worth TX, Oak Forest IL, Dearborn MI, and Las Vegas NV)

Anonymous said...

100 Farmers--Dallas, Texas

cb said...

cbinsa, that is, cb in San Antonio, TX

Middle school technology and math support

Al said...

Al - Crawley, England

Sara said...

Sara, math teacher, Maryland

Anonymous said...


Retired teacher

Taylor, TX

(It must be working - no one has called me Snotty McDingles yet).

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I've been here before. Glad to stop by and say "hi" again.

happychyck said...

HappyChyck, crazy English teacher, is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. :-)

Mister Teacher said...

All right! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far -- we even have one international visitor!
Keep on signing in folks, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Flipper said...

Location: Keller TX
Occupation: SAHM, or as you say "a housewife"
Hat Size: Unknown
Greatest Fear: Snails, no a Tornado full of snails.
(really my greatest fear is something awful happening to my husband or kids, but let's not dwell on that, OK?)

Anonymous said...

I find your website interesting because I'm contemplating a career change from the cubicle-world to teaching.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
I have enjoyed all of your blogs they are awesome. Merry Christmas!

teachergirl said...

teachergirl - Merry Christmas from Atlanta

Airam said...

Grade 1 Teacher
Toronto, Ontario

Hello again!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Adam - student teacher (band and choir), Calgary Alberta Canada

Olivia said...

Olivia - Virginia Beach, VA

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Math Teacher, Dallas

Hat Size:
7 1/2, 7 23/46, or 7.5

Greatest Fear:
Insects with wings and stingers.

Mike in Texas said...

Mike in Texas - Nacogdoches, TX

Spanky said...

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma.

Freelance writer, wearer of stocking caps, and you'll find me table dancing at the sight of a house mouse.


Anonymous said...

Checking in as would hate the iguana to snuff it!
Ruth, Manchester, England

Arctic Fox said...

Mrs. C (Teacher)
Inuvik, Northwest Territories Canada)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

amanda -- mesquite, tx 8th grade science in garland, tx

Mister Teacher said...

Hey Amanda,
I wonder if we are neighbors! :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy ~ Butterfly Angel -- Teacher -- San Antonio, TX.

Happy New Year to you and I hope Oprah likes the book.

Anonymous said...

maybe....neighbors that is...I used to teach in mesquite until this year...needed the change!

Anonymous said...

graycie -- Roanoke VA -- high school English teacher, Molder of Youth, and Pillar of the Community

Anonymous said...

Ihr seid wunderbar. Eine gut gemachte Webseite.
Bitte weitermachen
liebe gruesse
Projekthaus - Project House

Mister Teacher said...

Um, gezundheit? hehe
Actually, I've plugged that block of German text into Babel Fish, and it came out like this:
"You are marvelous. A well made web page. Please continue loves greet"

So thank you very much! Or, as they say in German, "Muchos Streudel Arrogato!"

Anonymous said...

SoulCradler; Secondary English Teacher; Victoria, Australia

Julie said...

Happy New Year from Ann Arbor, MI! And thanks for stopping by my blog -- glad to meet you.

Julie (web designer & SAHM; hat size 8-something as best I can recall -- marching band was a looooong time ago and I haven't had a hat with a size since then; greatest fear, um, my 3yo when he gets in a certain mood)

Anonymous said...

Good luck in 2007 from Ohio. I really enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
Kim Young-teacher-Kill Devil Hills, nc

Miiiiiissss said...

Teacher (3rd), El Paso TX

Anonymous said...

I know this is almost 4 years after you posted, but I just found your blog yesterday :)
Meg, Bachelor of Primary Education student, Victoria, Australia