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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I triple dog dare you to guest post

Today's Guest Poster is a fellow Dallas ISD teacher who blogs under the name AND at the site 100 Farmers. Farmers writes a very "A Christmas Story" themed story about kids and their BB gun injuries after Winter Break.

Her story is titled, "Have a good holiday and don't shoot your eye out."


On the first day back from Christmas Break, not one, not two but three students showed up with bb-gun injuries. One had pellets still in his chin. Now, you would think that with as many showings of a Christmas Story that everyone must have seen by now, that my students would know that “BB-Guns can shoot your eyes out.” Asking about the injuries, the class started sharing various stories of their injuries from bb-guns.

Just out of curiosity, I started taking polls of my classes and came up with some startling statistics. Out of 176 students, roughly 95 % had been shot with a bb-gun and about 90% had shot someone with one. The number one target seemed to be brothers. The largest target seemed to be their brothers’ keisters.

I can pretend to be appalled by such numbers but I must confess to a certain incident involving my sister’s keister and my brother’s bb-gun. To this day, I can’t tell you why I did it but I do remember that her keister just seemed really annoying at that moment. The funny thing is that my brother confessed to the crime out of pure nervousness after the initial screaming from both my sister and parents. I never got in trouble for it. I shouldn’t be laughing at that but paybacks are hard Brother dear.

Anyway, listening to my kid’s stories, I am always so appalled by the near misses, catastrophes, and sure stupid things that my kids do during vacations. It’s almost like the “stupid”, “hey ya’ll, watch this” quotient is ratcheted up by the word “holiday”. When I ask the kids what happened, it usually boils down to playing around and boredom. Not that I’m advocating 365 days of school (oh god, no), but I do worry less about them walking down the hallway than hanging out with bored friends playing Xbox.

When I send them out the door I send them with a prayer for safe travel or wishes for peace in a troubled family. At this point, I’m guessing my prayers need to be extended to either “please don’t target your brother’s keister with your bb-gun”, or “please be so busy that you come back safe to me.”

My thanks to another great Guest Poster, and my invitation to everyone to check out her blog at 100 Farmers right away!!


Melissa B. said...

Great post. Great post title, too!

Mister Teacher said...

So when are YOU going to guest post for me, Madame Scribe?

Jason Oller said...

Sounds like a typical school in the South. ON ANOTHER NOTE, Ive subscribed to LMG(like I have anything better to do).

Priest said...

Yeah, da 'tings we do as Chillen. I think back on some of my more ... hmmm ... reasonable(?) Stupid Stuff and break out in a cold sweat.

For instance, when I was 13 I got pulled over by a Cop and threatened with multiple tickets. My offense? Riding a jerry rigged skateboard (deck made in shop class and roller skates taken for parts) down a rather steep bridge. No helmet or crash pads as there wasn't any such animal ... back in the day. The Cop paced along side of me and clocked me at better than 40 mph with a posted speed of 30 mph.

Okay, plus 40 mph crash without a helmet or pads onto concrete ... yepper, dat be Stoopid!!!

Been there, done that on the BB gun thing. BTW, as a FYI thing, BB guns do not shoot pellets, that would be a Pellet gun. BB guns use ... BBs … hehehehe.

Priest said...

Hey Jason, I posted on your Blog and you have yet to reply. *Chop -chop* ... Blogging Yute!!!