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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration blues

I am and always have been decidedly apolitical. I can't stand politics, it just makes me feel dirty.

However, the inauguration of our nation's very first-ever black president is something that I am interested in seeing.

Unfortunately, tomorrow -- inauguration day -- is a teacher work day in my district. We were sent an email saying that we were welcome to watch the festivities if we had a television in our room, but that we WERE required to be at work.

I don't know anyone who has a television that actually receives network signals in their room, so I will probably wind up DVRing the event, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you mean you guys aren't hooked up to cable?

Mister Teacher said...

Of course not, are you kidding me??

Anonymous said... I don't feel so bad about not getting one of those Promethean ActiveBoards in my room like the teacher next to me.

Anonymous said...

Isn't amazing how those of us who can help the younger generation understand the historic significance of tomorrow can't watch? Our district infrastructure can't handle all schools on the web as it is, let alone for something like this. Plus...we were told if we don't normally teach history, then we should continue with our regular subject matter - of course so we can make education even more meaningful for the students...... Linda in Tucson

Anonymous said...

I have an In-Service tomorrow, but I don't have a meeting to go to. I am planning to watch it on while I work. I am going to DVR the parade, my high school band is representing the state of Vermont.

Anonymous said...

got computer w/speakers & net?
is the link for live streaming of the ceremony from the Presidential Inaugural Committee's website & might slide by any school filters. (might need to install MS Silverlight, but it installs quickly.)

Unknown said...

unfold a paperclip and stick it into the cable jack in the back of your tv, it actually works quite well as an antenna

Jason Oller said...

Even in the podunk called Springhill, we get cable. i watched the inaguration in math where the sped teacher subbed. I also watched part of the parade and meetings in my study hall. WHO IS MARGARET???????