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Sunday, January 25, 2009

HE is playing on the beach

Earlier this week, I was doing a lesson pronouns with my ESL kids. We were practicing writing a sentence with a noun and then expounding on that with the use of pronouns.

As prompts for their sentences, I pulled out about a dozen of the large picture cards that came with my Avenues curriculum set. These are nice colorful scenes of kids building a snowman, a girl in a field of roses, a swimming pool in use, etc.

The very first thing that I noticed was the card that had a family building sandcastles at the beach. This was not card number 1 of the set, mind you. I had pulled out something like 67-81. But on the very first card that I looked at, there appeared to be the First Family in swim attire, playing at the beach.

Does anybody else reading this use Avenues? If you have these cards I'm talking about, PLEASE take a look and verify this for me. This was not just some dude that sort of looked like Barack Obama. This was a man, a woman, and two little girls who looked EXACTLY like the Obamas.

I forgot to look at the publication date on the box, but these cards CAN'T be brand new, so it's just very interesting that somebody in the past would have taken a picture of a (who knew?) future president to help with English language mastery.


Melissa B. said...

How prescient! And Mr. First Dude totally rocks his trunks, yo...although I would hope your little cherubs wouldn't notice that! Hey, Mr. Teach, 2 things: a)I left a comment on your guest post post from December. Sign me up! and b)BTW, don't forget Sx3 today...we could use your singular sense of style!

Anonymous said...

Any plans to scan the Obama flashcard? I'm dying to see it!

Mister Teacher said...

Yeah, I will bring it home this week and take a picture.