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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now THAT'S a teacher work day!

OK, so I can stop humming the Inauguration Day Blues, as I hinted at in an earlier post. It turns out that one of the teachers across the hall DID have a cable attached to her TV, so several of us watched the inauguration in her classroom. They also had a TV set up in the auditorium, where many other watched it.

I thought it was great. Obama gave a fantastic speech, Aretha Franklin looked good for her age and sounded exactly the same as when she sang in The Blues Brothers so long ago, and the good reverand who gave the benediction was excellent. I especially liked his little riff at the end -- "When black will not be asked to get back; when brown can stick around; when yellah will be mellah, when the red man can get ahead man; and when white will embrace what is right."

You gotta think that somewhere out there, there is a man whose tanning project has gone terribly wrong, and he is wondering why the Orange people of the nation were left out.
[answer: nothing rhymes with orange]

It was also a cool day because I heard my own voice on the radio!

There is a local station called Jack FM. There are similar stations around the nation -- Bob FM, Carl FM, Reginald FM. They don't take requests, they don't have DJs, they just play music. But they DO invite people to call and leave witty little messages, some of which are then played in between songs.

Last week, I had called with the brilliant zinger -- "Jack, how many zeroes are in a gazillion?" And lo and behold, I was sitting at my desk, grading papers, when suddenly I heard those very words, right between Viva la Vida and Living on a Prayer.

Also, I got the Obama Spiderman issue! Apparently, this thing is going for over $50 online, but I managed to score a copy at my local Lone Star Comics for cover price! It's already worth more than my X-Factor number 1 that I've had for about 20 years!!

Tomorrow is back to school with the kiddos. I can only hope for as cool a day as today!


100 Farmers said...

Congrats on your radio debut. Thanks again for letting my guest blog. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

Jack has channels in Vegas and Seattle too. I wonder if they keep those little clips local, or if I might hear your happy voice here?