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Monday, April 28, 2008

Who are the ad wizards that came up with THIS one??

Today is the day before the third and fourth graders at my school take the state standardized math exam. We had some review material to finish up, but overall, I tried to keep it light and easy and really tried to keep the kids' confidence up.

But then someone went and decided that today would be the day that report cards needed to go home.


I'm sure that there was absolutely no chance of any risk whatsoever regarding student confidence being lowered due to a less than desired grade. Hey, maybe tomorrow morning right before they put pencil to the test, we can tell them all they were adopted!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! At our school we make every effort to build kids up right before the test. I can't imagine this helped the scores.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, in our district, we are REQUIRED to send out report cards on the day we say we will send them on the calendar. No one looks to see whether it coincides with a test.

Principal said...

The same wizards that read about the benefits of drinking grape juice prior to the test. Its always smart to have a whole room full of kids needing to make water.