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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Goodnight STAAR

As many of you know (or are even living through), the standardized testing season is upon us.  Here in the great state of Texas, the first STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) will be administered this Tuesday.

Obviously, as a teacher, this has been occupying much of time and weighing heavily on my mind.  And as a parent, I have been reading the story Goodnight Moon to my son a whole lot.  So I decided to combine these two aspects of my current life.

I've written a story based on Goodnight Moon, and I would LOVE for someone with talents (and free time) to volunteer to illustrate it!  And feedback is always welcome.

So without further ado, and with my thanks and acknowledgements to Margaret Wise Brown, here is...

Goodnight STAAR

In the 5th grade room

There was a smart board

And a red pen jar

And a picture of –

A book-reading Hollywood star

And there were twenty-two tests sitting on desks

And a covered up word wall

And an old soccer ball

And a small group table

And a laptop cable

And a sign with a crest and a bratty class pest

And a teacher up front whispering “Just do your best!”

Goodnight class

Goodnight STAAR

Goodnight book-reading Hollywood star

Goodnight chalk

And the red pen jar

Goodnight tests

Goodnight desks

Goodnight word wall

And goodnight ball

Goodnight bags

And goodnight flags

Goodnight group table

And goodnight cable

Goodnight sign

And goodnight crest

Goodnight scantrons

Goodnight pest

And goodnight to the teacher whispering, “Just do your best!”

Goodnight kids

Goodnight D.A.R.E.

Goodnight testing everywhere