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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Want photos? We got photos!

Hey everyone,

My female equivalent at school (she teaches right down the hall from me and does exactly the same thing as me, just with 2 different groups of kids) has started an online shop where she sells her really cool photographs!

Please take a minute and go check it out! The name of the store is Kirsten's Art & Soul, and I'll be putting a link in the sidebar as well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, we have no satellites

Here's a leftover from the school year...

During that last week, I had the kids work in pairs on planetary research projects. They had a bunch of books to look through to find pictures and interesting facts, then each group created a big poster for their planet.

This is what I got from one of the Venus groups:

When I asked why they had included a picture of a satellite, they told me, "It's to show that there is no satellite around Venus."

I then asked why they had not included a picture of a unicorn or Justin Beiber to show that Venus also does not have either of THOSE things orbiting around it, but the irony was lost on them.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Last call...

Nearly a month ago, I announced the 3 winners of the business card contest. However, only 1 of those winners ever contacted me with their personal information. I STILL have not heard from AmandaC and/or Iamjusttiff.

Amanda and Tiff, if you're out there, please send me an email at I'll give you till this Friday. If I still haven't heard from you by then, I'm going to select 2 new winners from the people who entered the contest.

Thank you and goodnight. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

And that's a wrap!

WOOHOO!! Another school year over!! This one started off really rough, but it ended very well.

I got everything passed out today -- leftover homeworks, workbooks, profile stuff I had been keeping, projects, report cards, etc -- and the kids pretty much had a free day. We made autograph sheets, and the kids went around signing each other's sheets with notes like, "Stay cool" and "Have a good summer!"

A couple of notes I got were in the past tense, which made me wonder what they were trying to say -- "You were a good teacher." "You looked nice when I first met you."

Then we had our pizza party. I provided the pizza, the kids brought chips and drinks. Like enough to feed a small army. I think each kid drank about 6 kool-aids/capri sun, and there were still 8 boxes to take home.

Then a big round of hugs, and they were gone! YESSSS!!

Survived another year!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Almost there

I remember back in September, when it seemed we would NEVER reach the end of the school year. And now here we are, only one day away from the end of the road.

We had our awards ceremony today, and that went really well. I wound up getting on stage 3 times -- once to fill in for my partner who wasn't there, once for my own class, and once to present the overall 3rd grade award to one of my kids. It was a tough room, too. Nobody even giggled when I said, "Remember me? I'm back!" when I went up on stage the second time.

Some of the awards were just certificates, some came with ribbons, and some came with medals. So of course I had to answer, "Why didn't I get one of THOSE?" several times after the ceremony.

Tomorrow will ideally be a really relaxed day. We are having a little pizza party for my 2 groups in honor of how well they did on the TAKS tests. Only 1 of my kids didn't pass it, and she later qualified for special ed! And only 3 of my kids didn't pass the reading test! So we are very proud of the kids and their efforts.

As long as I don't demolish any 5th graders, tomorrow should be a very good end to the school year.