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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Advice from 3rd graders -- stay away from conspiracy plots

This week's Mr. Teacher column on pretty much wrote itself. Last year, I gave my kids some creative writing prompts during the last week of school. One of them was asking for what advice they would give to next year's third graders. The column this week is a compilation of some of the best bits of advice that were gleaned.

Thankfully, none of the kids advised their successors to plot murder against me, or any other teacher for that matter. Unlike THESE third-graders, obviously. I read this and first thought that perhaps it was an April fools joke, but since it's showing up on CNN and Yahoo and other various sources, I'm going to take it at face value.

Just one more sign that our society is going to the University of North Carolina, err, I mean hell, in a hand basket. [That was for you, Chad] :)


EHT said...

Nope, no joke. It makes me sad. Very, very sad.

IMC Guy said...

Ouch. Have fun watching Duke this weekend! Oh yeh, they lost already - Go Heels!

Anonymous said...

It's unreal to think that a group of third graders could plot against their teacher. I read the article and agree with eht that it is just very, very sad.

Mr. Educator said...

Mr. Teacher,
This Monday one of my third grade students came up to me and said, "Just so you know, none of us are planning on doing anything bad to you."

Both my student and I had a nice laugh, but then we had a very good conversation about how serious and sad the situation was.

Also...I really like your blog. I too am a male third grade teacher (in Minnesota). I just started a new blog that just has a couple of posts right now.

It is at

Mr. Educator (and I promise I decided on that name before learning of Mr. Teacher!)