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Thursday, October 23, 2014

When the moon hits your eye

We've been doing a PBL (Project Based Learning) lesson in math class for the past few weeks, and the theme is running a pizzeria.  Recipes have had fractions of ingredients, prices have decimals, menus have numbers.  Lots of good math going on.

Today, I had plenty of laugh out loud moments.  I had asked the kids to add two things to their project folders.  One was a newspaper ad, enticing people to eat at their pizzeria.  The other was a set of job postings, with the intent to hire waiters, chefs, etc.

I told the kids that the job postings needed to include qualifications and payment information.  Here are a few things I overheard and/or read from their folders:

"Do you want a job where you won't get paid very much?"
"Let's give them twenty dollars an hour!"  "HECK NO!!!"
"Nobody with Ebola..."
"Must have good credit." (remember this is an employee search, not a home loan application)
"Now hiring security guards -- Comes with free suit!"
"For managers, you have to have a PhD."
"Must not have diseases or back, neck, or skin disorders."   (Not too bad a request)

In regards to the newspaper ad and pizzeria information, here are a few gems I overheard:

"Come eat our pizza and ride a donkey!"
"We have cheap and inexpensive pizza!"
"You'll die of happiness!"

And just conversations in general:
"Nobody wants to eat pizza at 1 in the morning!"
"Let's have a 'Kids eat free' deal!"        "Dominos and Pizza Hut don't do that!"  "That's because they hate kids!"   "Kids need to be kids under 8, because 9 and 10 year olds eat a lot of pizza!"  "No they don't;  teenagers eat a lot of pizza!"  "OOOOOH, we should charge MORE for teenagers!!"

I was hard pressed not to guffaw several times today.  Though I did finally have to ask the one girl to stop incessantly trying to fit in the donkey angle.  Nobody wants donkey pepperoni.