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Monday, February 20, 2006

WoW! What a great idea!

All right, let's get those vocabulary juices flowing! I'd like to introduce what I hope will become a regular weekly feature:
the Word of the Week!
Unlike those stuffed shirts that use a dictionary (Ivory Tower Monkeys!), the Learn Me Good Word of the Week should be a unique, unfamiliar word -- something that will provide everyone with a nice learning experience. This can be something that you have heard from a child, a crazy relative, or a trigger-happy national leader. Or even something that you have made up and want to introduce into the American vernacular!
Shoot me an email (see sidebar for the addy) that contains your word, its definition, and its use in a sentence. I'll choose the best one each week and post it right up top on the blog. In fact, it'll be right above the Google search bar, so anyone who wants to look it up and see if it actually EXISTS can do so with ease.
OK, class, since you raised your hands and asked so politely, I'll throw out the first Word of the Week.
Ensmall (v) -- to reduce in size. Opposite of enlarge. "That
picture is too big to fit in my book unless we ensmall it!"
Looking forward to seeing all the great entries!


Phineus said...

Colyume - A structural member used to support a building as spoken by a contractor with few teeth and a taste for unfiltered cigarettes. Sentence: The Greeks used three different types of colyumes, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

Mister Teacher said...

The best kind of colyume is Dork.