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Sunday, February 05, 2006

All In with a Flush

Friday ended a truly exhausting week. My partner is still out, and one of the other math teachers went home early with a case of spontaneous non-stop vomiting. We really should petition for hazard pay. . . Friday night was fun, though. I played several hours of poker with my dad, brother, and several of the guys. At the end of the night, I was only down a buck, so I did pretty well for myself. Others were a bit more interested in making random sounds. And I'm not just talking about those that come from the mouth. But then, what can you expect from a guy who labels himself "the Dirty Dangus?" Sounds like a name they would tag someone with on Spike TV's MXC (one of my favorite shows, by the way). "Right you are, Kenny!"
Saw The Wedding Crashers on Saturday night with some friends. Very funny movie. One of the best lines in the flick is one I'll have to use with my kids this week. "You shut your mouth when you talk to me!" Other than that line, there's not a whole lot from that film that I can use with (or within 10 miles of) my students.
Lastly, the Superbowl was so-so tonight. I was hoping for more out of the Seahawks, and more out of the sponsors. I thought the FedEx ad with the oppressed caveman was pretty funny, but who the heck was the AdWizard (heavy sarcasm here) who thought "Brown and Bubbly" was a nice selling angle for Diet Pepsi??? Brown and Bubbly makes me think of something they've scraped off the bottom of Jerome Bettis' feet after the game.
Off to bed. A new week awaits. I will rise to bearhug the life out of the morning and eat its heart for breakfast. HUH??

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