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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Third rule of Fight Club

My partner has been out tending to her sick baby for the past week, and instead of getting a sub, the school has been requiring us to split up the class among the other third grade teachers. So for some reason, the kids have seen this as some sort of "full moon" portent and have decided to just go nuts. I've had to deal with more fights, name-calling, tattling, etc than ever before.
Two of the girls in my homeroom got into a fight yesterday after lunch (while still at recess with another teacher's class), and these are girls that are usually calm and reserved. One apparently was calling the other, "Shorty short short." So that was cause for Shorty to pull the other girl's hair.

My solution? Call them both over and tell them:
First rule of Fight Club -- there IS no Fight Club.
Second rule of Fight club -- go stand in the corner.

Sheesh. Meanwhile, I have a little boy in my room crying, saying it's because "That boy told me fat." Well, why don't you tell him mean, and maybe tell him drunk while you're at it?

2 more days till Friday. . .


Anonymous said...

Do your students know that you have a blogsite?
You dont mention any names so you're not breaking any Teacher -Student oath of death or anything.

Mister Teacher said...

No, my students don't know that I have a blogsite. But then, they probably also don't know that I have a house or a life outside of the school. Some of them don't even know that I have a first name.
Doctor's take the Hippocratic Oath. As a math teacher, I had to take the Pythagorean Oath, and I maintain that on my life.

Anonymous said...

I see.
"I swear by the power of Grayskull that the squire on the hippopotamus....