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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Rolling Stones ain't got nothin' on me

I discovered today that I have groupies. Or at least, that's the way it would seem. There are a few girls at the school that always seem to get a little giggly when I pass by, but this morning was just downright ridiculous.
At around quarter till 8 this morning, I was headed up the hallway to sign in on the ultra-sleek revolutionary biometric clock. This piece of miraculous technology has supplanted the old system of pen and paper for signing in and signing out. We punch in our ID number on the on-screen display, and then a laser scans our thumbprint. For some people, this is a real hassle, because the scanner never seems to be able to read their thumb. For me, if I'm anywhere within 20 feet, the computer gives me a hearty greeting by name.
So I'm walking up the hall to sign in when I pass these (5th grade? 6th grade? Not really sure) girls who bat their eyes and say, "Hiiiiii, Mister Teacher!" (on the off chance anyone I DON'T know is reading this blog, I'll preserve the illusion of anonymity)
I raise my hand to shoulder height to wave at them, and one of them reaches out and gives me a very weak high five. After that, you would have thought someone had seen Elvis. Elvis BEFORE he was doing ads for Subway. I just kept walking, but behind me, there was a shriek and a cry of "OOOOOO I TOUCHED HIS HAND!!!!" followed by the loudest, most out of control jag of giggling since Frank Gorshin taunted Batman with stupid riddles.
I guess I could be flattered, but frankly, I'm a little more weirded out. Here's hoping I can survive past Valentine's Day without having the class rabbit boiled. I think my chances are good, seeing as how I don't have a class rabbit. . .


Anonymous said...

Look up the song "Dont stand so close to me" by Police.
Take head young teacher.

Anonymous said...

heed, sorry....

Mister Teacher said...

Don't worry, I'm NOTHING like "the old man in that book by Nabakov."