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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They're playing Batsketball

Today was Tuesday, and so we had our weekly after-school enrichment program again. Dick Cheney may like to shoot fellow hunters, but my group was shooting hoops.
I had a group of 17 kids at the outdoor baskets, and we played some fun games and shot the rock. At one point, when several kids had hit consecutive baskets, I made the comment, "I'm going to start calling you guys 'butter,' because you're on a roll!" This brought several "HUH???"s, and basically ended the streak. Note to self: 3rd graders not yet ready for SportsCenter. . .
Around 4:00, some girls from the Cheerleading Club came over and did some cheers for us. Several of these girls are in my class, and it was fun to see them do the "O. K. Ready?" and then belt out a few rhymes. Of course, most of the boys in my basketball club were rolling their eyes and making gagging motions the whole time, but they'll learn to appreciate cheerleaders in due time.
I came across this old photo, from about 7 years ago in my files. Thought it was at least somewhat applicable to today. Holiday + Sport = Batsketball. OK, so it's not exactly the right holiday, so sue me. . .

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