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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The kid who cried "Bathroom!"

The other day we read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" as part of a reading packet. I told my kids my own version of the story -- The Kid Who Cried Bathroom.
For some reason, whenever my students ask if they can use the bathroom, they feel the need to accompany the request with an exaggerated version of the Pee Pee Dance. Like if I don't say yes, the room is going to suddenly be flooded. So far, that's never happened. Well, if you don't count the kid last year who crapped in his pants. Or the kid they year before who told me "My bowels be runnin!'"
Usually, I tell the kid that they can choose to use the bathroom, but miss 5 minutes of recess OR they can hold it until our regularly scheduled break. Almost always, this little choice seems to soothe their bladder enough so they can resume their classwork with ease.
Now I just need to deal with the kid who still screams WOLF!! while IN the bathroom. . .


Christine said...

I do the same thing with the bathroom. The kids have to decide if it's an emergency. It's shocking the number of kids who decide that, in fact, they'd rather hold it than lose any part of recess.

This year, however, I had a kid who cracked me up with his request. He asked to "use the facilities". I politely denied his request (fully prepared to offer the recess option when his petition continued). Instead of pressing the point in a normal fashion, he confessed, "Ms. Q, I have a rather extensive gas problem I don't think the class would appreciate me alleviating in here."

All I could do was point to the door. Of course, he tried again the next day. I had to tell him that a continuing gas problem would require parental and medical attention. The problem cleared itself up immediately. :)

Mister Teacher said...

That is hilarious! How old are your kids?
Usually my kids just bluntly state, "I gotta use it."
I tell them, "OK, use that pencil, fine by me!"

Christine said...

I teach sixth grade. My language arts class, of which this particular student is a member, is considered above grade level. They have excellent verbal skills and never cease to amuse me to no end.

This same kid wrote a story earlier in the year about his grandmother and "her manfriend, Al."

I could write a book just on this kid's material. :)