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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy TAKS-Day to me!

Well, today was my birthday, and I got to celebrate in excessive fashion by. . .um. . .monitoring an all-day state-mandated TAKS reading test! WOOHOO!! Thanks State of Texas, and former Texas Governor Bush for making this such a special occasion!!
My wonderful students serenaded me with a lovely rendition of. . .oh wait, they were required to be silent the whole day. Well, the Assistant Principal DID give me an individually wrapped Ding-Dong, which I thought was very thoughtful of her. And yesterday, the other 3rd grade teachers presented me with my own bottle of Heinz ketchup, to show their love and appreciation. I almost cried, I was so happy.
Last year, my birthday fell right on President's Day, and (unlike this year), we had that day off as a school holiday. In the weeks leading up to the 21st, my kids kept asking me, "YOU are the President??" To which I did my best Dub-ya impersonation (a bit wasted on the kids, if you ask me--they just thought it was a funny voice). One boy, H, even started chanting, "Vote for Mister Teacher!" And hey, wouldn't that make a great slogan on a T-shirt? Forget Pedro!

So for anyone who still doesn't know, the TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. But I like to call it by other names, such as:
  • That Aggravating Kidney Stone
  • Tabitha's Annoying Kid Sister
  • Tomorrow's Artificial Knee Surgery
  • Tough Armadillos Kill Skunks

Feel free to add your own mneumonic (Greek for "Fun with Letters").

And those entries for Word of the Week are starting to pour in! Well, pour might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the trickle has begun! Thanks to Bonnie4T for getting the games started! Tell your friends! Tell your sister-in-law! Tell your crazy hairstylist's grandfather!

1 comment:

Amerloc said...

But I don't know my crazy hairstylist's grandfather...

How about this one:

My favorite word today is wishy-washy. Adj., and tumble dry. Def.: Descriptive of you attending a ho-hum movie you are too lazy to abandon and not tired enough to sleep through.

(I'll 'fess up. I stole that from Ol' Hoss. He's much more clever with twisting words than I am.