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Monday, February 06, 2006

Have you hugged your counselor today?

Today kicks off National School Counselor Week (as opposed to 7 days honoring Deanna Troi from Star Trek). We have two counselors at the school, and they talk with the kids when there are emotional problems, they show anti-bullying videos, run the anti-drug campaigns, etc. I had my two classes make big cards today for both ladies. After school, I checked out some of what the kids had written.
Three of the kids had written, "Thanks for showing us your videos." (direct and to the point, though possibly missing the point)
One wrote, "Thanks for letting us watch TV." (yeah, that would be the anti-bullying tapes, not like she came in and said, "Let's watch Sponge Bob!")
One little girl asked me over and over, "Who is Ms. so-and-so? I don't remember her." I described her, told her what she sounds like, finally told her where her office was, but she didn't look like she knew who I was talking about. On the card, she wrote, "Thank you for helping me solve my big problem last week." (perhaps the problem was Youth Alzheimers?)
And the one that takes the cake, and she probably didn't really even mean it the way it sounds, but one little darling wrote, "I hope that you become a good counselor." (and I hope that one day you grow a brain.)

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