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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Funny who ya run into

I was planning on stopping by Target after school today to get a few things, but I wound up staying at the school later than I planned. It did make me think of the last time I was at that Target, though, back a few months ago.
I had run in to grab a few things on the way to a friend's house-warming party. I took my items up to the cash register, said hi to the cashier, put my items on the conveyor belt, and started flipping through my wallet to pull out the ol' magic plastic money card. As I'm doing that, the cashier asks, "So how is my daughter doing at school?"
I totally hadn't recognized one of my students' mothers. Said hi to her and everything, and just didn't place the face. I tried to recover as best I could. "Oh, she's doing pretty well--yeah, put the booze in a separate bag, please -- though she hasn't been completing her homework."
Now I do most of my shopping much farther from the school. . .

Random thought of the day: On the drive home, the radio put up Jenny, by Tommy Tutone (which made the phone number 867-5309 famous). I got to thinking. In today's 10-digit dialing era, this song is seriously obsolete. If anybody can fit an area code into the lyrics, while maintaining the harmony, they'll be able to write their own checks.

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