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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A candle in the data stream

Learn Me Good: the blog officially turns one year old today. Back around January 30 of 2006, I was thrilled when my stat counter told me I had had 5 visitors for the day. Almost exactly 1 year later, I hit my highest mark ever (with a little help from the Houston Chronicle) with just shy of 500 visitors. Not too shabby for what was originally deemed “the blog experiment” (not to be confused with The Philadelphia Experiment).

Today in class, I asked one of my kids how to say "smile" in Spanish. She said a word that I swear sounded just like Cervesa. How funny is that – Beer = Smile!

Actually, I probably just misunderstood, being the gringo that I am. Sometimes I try out my Spanish knowledge with the kids, knowing full well exactly what I'm trying to say, and they look at me like I'm speaking Martian. Not that I'm getting the words or the syntax incorrect, I guess I'm just not saying the words in the fashion that they are used to hearing them.

A couple of years ago, some of the kids asked me, "Tienes ninos?” (Which I'm pretty sure means, "Do you have any kids?") I responded, "No, no tengo espousa.” (Which I'm pretty sure means, "No, I don't have a wife.") The kids gave me a quizzical stare, and one of them blurted out, "You don't have a beard??”

Hey, at least I'm trying, right? Now I'm going to log off and go have a Smile.


rookie teacher said...

Happy Birthday Blog!

happychyck said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more!

Kayla said...

Congratulations! I hope you will continue to blog and inspire others to do so also. I'm looking forward to reading more!

Mrs. T said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Smile (the noun)= sonrisa
Smile (the command)= Sonríe.

Beard= barba

Go have a cerveza with your sonrisa,and have one for me, too.