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Thursday, April 09, 2009


Came up with a new entry for the New Revised Teacher's Dictionary. Today was a LAT day. Now maybe that doesn't mean much for people outside of my district, but inside our little circle, LAT usually stands for Linguistically Accommodated Testing. These are the tests that our newcomer kids take in leiu of the TAKS test.

However, today was LAT day in the sense that it was Long Ass Thursday.

I walked into my room this morning and checked my mini-thermometer (hey, we were studying temperature measurement last week) -- 80 degrees. That just ain't right.

The temp didn't improve much throughout the day, even with the "air conditioning" blowing -- really just moving room temp air around -- and several windows open.

When I picked my kids up from specials class in the afternoon, several of them were in tears because there had been a fight outside, and one of them was even getting suspended! I totally expect one class of 3rd graders to be fighting, because they are just a bunch of idiots and don't care. But I would never have guessed that this suspended girl would have gotten involved, and she claims she WASN'T. Of course, not having been witness, I had no idea what had actually happened, so I wasn't able to say one way or the other.

This being (Long Ass) Thursday, we had after school tutoring, so that was a fun hour.

Afterwards, as I walked out of the school to the parking lot, I noticed that the air seemed really thick and smokey. Turns out there are wild fires raging through North Texas! The air was full of ash and very dense. Guess I won't have to worry about fights outside at recess tomorrow, since I don't think there will BE an outside recess tomorrow.

To top it all off, I came home to find that my DVR had died, taking all of my stored programming with it. Guess I'll have to check out this after all...


Maestra said...

yeah, Thursdays before a 3 day weekend are notoriously sucky. Thursday, long after all my co-workers had slid down the banisters to their cars to begin the weekend, I was sitting in my un-air conditioned, cramped room with about 6 stinky, funky, fresh from practice baseball players who'd just realized they were going to be ineligible to play when grades are submitted on Monday. An hour after quitting time, I'm still watching them do late work and listening to them joke back and forth about how much they hate my class...

Almost American said...

"Linguistically Accommodated Testing"? How long do the kids stay eligible for that? As long as they are ELLs? No such thing as LAT around here, more's the pity :-(

Christy said...

those days are the worst and they always seem to get worse as the day goes on.

Mister Teacher said...

Maestra, that truly does stink -- literally AND figuratively! Though it was not a 3-day weekend for us. Friday was the make-up inclement weather day so school was in session!

AA, usually kids have 3 years of TAKS exemption (and thus take the TAKS) upon entering the country. Kids that are ELL or ESL are not necessarily LAT candidates. Kids who have just come to America from Kenya or Rwanda (etc) are.