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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And now we wait

My kids took the TAKS math test today, and by law, I am not allowed to know how they did. Couldn't be in the room with them, couldn't talk to them during the day, couldn't look at any of the problems on the test.

So really all I can do is drink heavily and pray.

Instead of being with my kids, I was a substitute teacher in 5th grade all day long. Wow, I don't miss subbing.

Tomorrow, I am back with my kids, while reading retests go on in every room surrounding me, so I will keep one group for the entire day. Oh, with the door closed, and quietly. My kids will get very acquainted with my good friend, Bill Nye the Science Guy...


Jason Oller said...

The Carnival is up and Running. You are in it.

Kate said...

Just so you know, paragraph 2 made me lol, for real.