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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One Blogging Moment

Alack and alas, March Madness is officially over. The Tournament has ended, with the dreaded North Carolina making it a lopsided, and incredibly boring, victory. However, this was good news for Joel of So You Want to Teach, who correctly picked UNC as the winner. His "Mariachi Madness" entry in the ESPN pool has won him the History Channel DVD set! Joel, I'll send that spinning your way sometime in the next few weeks.

Even more exciting than that, CBS must have read my letter and listened, because the One Shining Moment video was great! It was by far the best one I've seen in over a decade, marred only slightly by the croaking of Clark "Frosted" Kellogg at the end. Thank you, CBS!!

Today was the 5th grade math TAKS test, and it was an INCREDIBLY long day for someone who had to monitor the exam. Like me.

I'm going to watch One Shining Moment one more time, then I'm going to bed.


IMC Guy said...

What a great game!!!

They didn't take all of your advice, though - I still saw plenty of cute cheerleader pics.

Mister Teacher said...

But the cheerleaders were all at the beginning, in the instrumental intro. That's fine! That's where the cheerleaders and the mascots belong!

It was a horrible game, though. I can see how you liked the outcome, but it was an awful spectacle.

Stephen C said...

I am a UCLA fan, so March Madness was exactly that. Watched nary a bit of the game. Caught a glimpse of the woman's game. Little more entertaining.