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Saturday, April 04, 2009

15 Places to Find Teacher Inspiration and Humor Online

This is a Guest Post from Karen Schweitzer, a writer for  who has submitted well-receieved posts to other FoLMeG sites So You Want To Teach and I Want to Teach Forever.

Karen decided that my site would be most appropriate for a list of humorous links, and I have to say I appreciate the sentiment! So here they are, 15 for people looking for teaching-related humor (0ther than here, of course):

15 Places to Find Teacher Inspiration and Humor Online

An inspirational story or a good joke can sometimes ease the stress that goes hand in hand with being a professional educator. If you're ever looking for free inspiration and humor online, the following sites are worth visiting:

Tales from a Teacher's Heart - This site offers an inspirational blog and a series of movies that tell heartwarming stories about students and teachers.

Creative Teaching - Creative Teaching provides an interesting blend of teaching ideas and teacher humor. The site also offers a collection of teacher wallpapers. - This site is dedicated to inspiring and empowering teachers of all levels. The site offers inspirational stories and humor in addition to tools that teachers can use in the classroom.

TeachersCount - Although TeachersCount is best known for its campaign to raise the status of the teaching community, this nonprofit organization also provides a wide range of inspirational resources to educators through its website.

Lesson Plans Page - Hot Chalk's Lesson Plans Page offers a large collection of inspirational teacher stories that have been donated by site visitors.

TeachersFirst - This teacher-created site has an entire section devoted to humor. All of the jokes and stories were written by educators for educators.

Crazy 4 Teachers - Crazy 4 Teachers offers an eclectic collection of humor, sarcasm, and cartoons for teachers.

Quotes 4 Teachers - This Educator's Network website provides more than 70 popular education-related quotations for teachers. Most are meant to be inspirational, but a few humorous quotes have been included as well.

TeacherTube - TeacherTube is an excellent place to find inspirational videos for teachers. You can find these videos by browsing the site or by typing "inspiration" into the TeacherTube search engine.

WINGS - This University of Texas at Austin website offers a well-organized directory of articles and other resources that offer teach humor and inspiration.

Why We Teach - The Why We Teach website provides excerpts from the Why We Teach book as well as stories submitted by other teachers. The site also offers a place to submit your own story to be considered for publication.

Scholastic - The Scholastic site is a great place to find inspiration for lesson plans and activities. Scholastic suggests a new activity each day and provides a slew of other resources for the classroom.

PBS Teachers Connect - PBS Teachers Connect is an online community for teachers who want to connect with one another and discuss the use of digital media in teaching and learning.

Teacher Lingo - This teacher blog community was set up to create a place for teachers to connect, share ideas, and learn from one another. You can start your own blog or chat with other teachers on the site's message boards.

Box Office Mojo - This movie information site has a great list of 20 inspirational movies for teachers.

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