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Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Fool's!!

If you read the post here at Learn Me Good yesterday, you may have been scratching your head, wondering WTF?? Especially when you got to the part about "my tiny toddler daughter" or "my husband's grandparents."

Well, would it help if I jumped out and cried, "APRIL FOOLS!!!!"

A group of us got together and decided that we would switch blogs for the day and see if anyone noticed. Looking around at some of the other blogs involved, it doesn't look like many people did notice. :)

Mamacita from Scheiss Weekly was my honored guest here at Learn Me Good, providing the post about her daughter's (not to mention her own) potty mouth. If you'd like to catch MY post from yesterday, head over to Mrs. Bluebird's Classroom to see my musings on measurement lessons.

There weren't really that many comments on the various posts, but the comments that WERE posted merely reflected the blog post and made no mention of, "Hey, something's up! This doesn't sound like you!"

At any rate, noticed or not, ballyhooed or critically disdained, we had fun. If you want to go back and check out the April Fool's Day posts after the fact with this knowledge in hand (ala re-watching The Sixth Sense after learning the big twist ending), here is a list of participants:

100 Farmers

Bluebird's Classroom


History is Elementary


It's Not All Flowers and Sausages

I Want to Teach Forever

Learn Me Good

Ms Teacher

Scheiss Weekly

The Scholastic Scribe

So You Want to Teach?

Tales of a School Bus Driver

So I'd love to hear feedback from readers and participants alike! Did you notice at all? Did something merely SEEM funny without really triggering a specific thought -- like when Jeopardy comes on at 7pm instead of 11am?? Is it worth doing again next year?


tanya b said...

ha! I noticed but initially thought my students somehow switched my bookmarks (yes, if there is a way, they are that tech saavy!). It took me a bit to catch on. How fun!

EHT said...

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for a bit of fun.

I'm not sure if any of my readers noticed or not, but after all my health problems over the last few months it was a great change of pace, and got me a little motivated with my blogging.

Thank you!

EHT said...

Oops!....I hadn't changed my identify back before commenting. The above comment isn't from 100 Farmers. It's from me. :)

Anonymous said...

as i frequent your blog, joel's blog, and mimi's at flowers and sausages, i did notice something a little askew. at first, i just thought that my computer was freaking out (again) and had somehow mixed up joel and mimi's pages. however, i soon realized that there must be trickster's afoot.

Julia said...

I did notice!!! I thought you had a guest poster again, but when I scrolled down it had her name for ALL of the posts and I just thought something got mixed up. But I knew that wasn't you writing :) It was a good post anyways!

For April Fools I told my students there was going to be a lunar eclipse last night at 8 o'clock. It was SO FUNNY when they came in this morning and asked me about it. HA!

loonyhiker said...

This was so cute! I wish I could have participated but I'm in a Council for Exceptional Children's board of director's meeting (yes, I'm reading blogs instead of paying attention. LOL) and was afraid to commit to anything. Thanks for an entertaining day!

Meg said...

I did notice that you suddenly acquired a daughter (and a pottymouth) but I didn't connect it to the date. I thought it was a late guest post from your vacation.

ms-teacher said...

I enjoyed doing this and thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. I'll see today if anyone responds, but judging by the comments, I don't think that anyone did :)

Anonymous said...

I just assumed it was a guest post, because I was reading it while surrounded by a group of friends who were pretending to study for an exam. I wasn't really paying enough attention to get confused. I did know it wasn't you, though!

Kim Hughey said...

I too noticed, but I just assumed you had another guest poster. And I thought it was strange that Ms. Mimi would post something from someone else and not cite them and give them credit.

Mister Teacher said...

Thanks for all of the comments! It's nice to know that people actually DID notice that it wasn't me!! :)

I know I've done a lot of guest posts lately, but I always give them credit and links and say where they are coming from. Yesterday was a guest post like no other. hehehe

Mary Mueller said...

You had me fooled! I was so confused. At first I read husband, then I read the kids and mommy part. I had to read the whole thing again, then checked the name at the bottom of the post. I got on just now to see it again to try to figure it out, ahhh feel better now that I can figure it out! Good One!

Jennifer said...

Oh, how I wish I'd been online yesterday to read these posts fresh! I frequent most of the blogs on your April fools list (and I'll have to look into the others), but I was so busy yesterday, that I didn't get to read any of them.

For the record, I love the joke!

HappyChyck said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! That's a great idea! I'm sorry I missed out on the fun b/c I've been MIA lately. Thanks for keepin' it FRESH!

Margaret said...

I noticed & thought it was extremely odd that ALL your posts were now copywritten Jane Goodwin. I thought it was something to do with Conficker strikes, not April Fool's. I'm so glad it was a joke instead!