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Thursday, August 21, 2008

soggy hamster

Today was a fracking long day. I felt like a hamster on a wheel -- dead tired, didn't very far, and smelling of wet fur.

So much still to do, and only tomorrow to do it in! Will my room be ready by Monday???


Unknown said...

mmmn, there's an image. Out of curiosity do you have to have your first 6 weeks of lesson plans turned in today? We were told on Monday that ours were due for the entire 6 weeks on Wednesday, which was then extended to Friday.

Melissa B. said...

We go back to school Monday, sans Cherubs, who start the day after Labor Day. I've been going in a little each day this week, to get ready for the getting ready. It never ends, does it?

Anonymous said...

Your blog about moving into the new room was famiiar to a situatiomn I went through, but your line about the concrete walls made me laugh out loud- I have concrete walls and have said the same thing! Have a great year. I read your column every week because of your funny take on things.

Mister Teacher said...

Katie, the first SIX weeks??? Are you kidding me?? I thought it was insane that our principal kept talking about how we needed to be TWO weeks ahead pretty soon...

Melissa, enjoy your break while the rest of us go back earlier!!

Rho, thank you! I hope you continue to read, and good luck this year!