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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Act now!!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for all of us Texas public school teachers, and I know we're all running around like chickens with our heads cut off (a favorite saying of my old high school basketball coach, The Guam Bomb). So just a quick little note here.

Today and tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of the 25% discount that Spreadshirt is offering as part of their Back to School special. If you buy at least two shirts and use the code SCHOOL108, you get them for 3/4 price!

A few of my teammates suggested that we get some of those shirts in our school's color to wear on the first day of in-service and show third-grade team unity. We wore them last Monday, and everyone at the school loved it! In fact, my principle even said that we can wear those shirts when we have casual Fridays!

The eight of us wore the same color, but we all had different phrases. I was of course wearing the, "I teach, therefore I am... poor," my partner was wearing, "No, Johnny, a 50 is NOT a good score," and the others wore shirts that said, "I love the smell of crayons in the morning," "No Child Left Befuddled," "Thank God for recess," "Don't fear the teacher, baby," "I'm taking a mental health YEAR," and "Lesson plans? We don't need no steeeeeenkin' lesson plans!"

Who knows? Get them in YOUR school's colors, and maybe you can wear them on Fridays as well!


Melissa B. said...

I'm all in favor of everyone wearing this shirt on the first day back. Good luck with that! BTW, don't forget it's Sunday, and you know what THAT means--S4 is underway today!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun idea and place to work. Have a great school year!