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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The new year is almost upon us!

Hey everyone,

Here in Texas, we've only got 2 weeks left before we have to report back to our schools, and the kids come a-knockin' on August 25! For my Mr. Teacher column on this week, I thought I'd offer a few suggestions on things to take care of before the new year rolls around.

Check it out, and as always, comments are encouraged and appreciated!


Melissa B. said...

To celebrate Going Back to School (ACK!), I've got something fun planned! I'm doing something this week that might tickle your funnybone. Please drop by when you have the time. I've got an Asbury Park contest going, which is kinda fun! Bruce Springsteen, and good prizes, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I teach in Middle Tennessee. Our last day of school this past year was May 23. We are on a "balanced" schedule, which means 9 weeks of school, followed by a 2 week break. This shortens our summer vacation to about 8 weeks.
James Bilyeu