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Saturday, August 23, 2008

An award and a guest book!

A little while ago, AwayWeGo at Where's the Sun nominated me for a blog award -- The Brilliante Weblog Award!

I am very honored to have this honor bestowed upon me, in my honor, Your Honor. According to the rules of the award, I need to pass this honor on to seven other blogs, so let me just go ahead and get the nominations started.

I hereby bestow the Brilliante Weblog Award to the following entertaining blogs:

So You Want to Teach,

Regurgitated Alphabits,

La Chucheria,


Bell Ringers,

IMC Guy,

Mrs. Bluebird,

The Scholastic Scribe

(OK, so that's eight instead of seven, but the rules do say AT LEAST seven.)

And now for something that I like to do on a semi-regular basis...

I always like to know where people are visiting this blog from, and who is reading my stuff (not to mention who keeps leaving the cap off the toothpaste), so I would ask you all to sign my guestbook! I've just installed a brand new "slide" guestbook at the bottom of this page, so please go there, and tell me where you're from, what you teach (or what you do), and something interesting about yourself.

Figured the weekend before the new school year started was a perfect time to call roll.


Melissa B. said...

Mr. T: Thanks for the award! I get so confused in cyberspace sometimes, I failed to give you credit where credit is due!

IMC Guy said...

I'm honored that you feel my blog is worthy of this award. Thanks. I truly enjoy stopping by your blog, it's well worth my time.

Anonymous said...

hiii Mr T, thanks for the award.. glad to know you...success