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Thursday, August 14, 2008

If Lord Vader were a math teacher

My last somewhat creative project of summer vacation is finally complete. Inspired by last month's trip to Comic-Con, I decided to smash up my love of all things math and all things Star Wars and create this video -- Darth Vader Explains the Pythagorean Theorem.

The voiceover work is not exactly James Earl Jones quality, but hey, I did my best. If you like it, leave a comment and pass it on; if not, so be it.


Anonymous said...

This is hysterical! Such a unique and memorable way to explain math concepts. I bet Darth wouldn't have any problems getting kids to hand in their homework on time!

Mister Teacher said...

"I find your lack of math disturbing." As he chokes the kid for not having his homework.

Anonymous said...

you are a &^&%*ing genius!

Anonymous said...

That's definitely the best explanation of the pythagorean theorem I have ever seen!

Even though I love Math, this would definitely get those who aren't so taken with Math interested in the subject.

Melissa B. said...

You're a funny guy, ya know that? BTW, The Scholastic Scribe is back online. Please drop in tomorrow and Share the Caption Love during another HighLARious Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes!

Mister Teacher said...

Why thank you, Anony-&^&%*-mous!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, the voice over kept reminding me more of the governor of California.... Good job!! I think kids really learn better when you change it up. Here's one my son did last year for his fourth grade class.

Joe said...


How did you create this effect? I’ve recently written about using Audacity to morph your voice on my blog. I’d love to know how you did Darth!


Anonymous said...

This rocks! Is that a sweatsuit? Even if it is, what a cool/creative/funny way to relay a math concept in a way your kids will enjoy. (And adults, like myself for that matter who always need math help) I had a conversation with a friend just yesterday about how kids respond to Star Wars as a means to explain key concepts (we happened to be talking about Literature and the formula of a hero) but nonetheless, us geeky Star Wars people find the force in all things... Thanks for the laugh and the refresher course al a Vader. hahah...nerf herder.