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Monday, July 07, 2008

New Words

I saw a story in the paper today that said that Webster's dictionary had just added over 100 new words to their current edition. These words included "Texas hold 'em," "pretexting," and "popunder."

This gave me the idea for this week's INTERACTIVE MONDAY!

What is a word that YOU would like to see added to Webster's dictionary?

I think my word would be "repiteaching." To repiteaching is to explain a concept or to go over an answer multiple times with your class, as a result of them not listening to you the first couple of times. I found myself repiteaching quite frequently this year.

OK, YOUR turn! Send in those brand new words you'd like to see published in next year's edition of Webster's dictionary.


IMC Guy said...

My 5 year old always uses the word "yesternight" when talking about something that happened last night.

Think about it, it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

How about "libary" (lie-berry). I've got so many people who are saying that word that it drives me insane...People being teachers, administrators, and even some kids.

Edna Lee said...


Adjective. Used to describe something when the the only good thing about it is how bad it is.

"That new Vin Diesel movie was just craptastic!"

Jules said...

what on earth is a popunder?!?! goodness me, what is this world coming to?

i do like repiteaching, though. :)

and I love yesternight!

Mister Teacher said...

edna lee, you mean craptastic is not ALREADY in the dictionary???

Ray, the same people who say libary are the same people who say supposebly...

IMC, read your comment yesternight, I hope you send another tomorrning.

Mike in Texas said...

How about "craptacular", cousin to craptastic?

Mike in Texas said...

I wonder if the people who work at the liberry have any books on "pro-noun-ciation"

Anonymous said...

I figure better late than never, since I just discovered your wonderful blog: I tell my 1st graders that it isn't li-berry, because we can't make a cobbler out of it! I have generally found that the same people who say li-berry also say nookyuler (nuclear), get prostate and prostrate mixed up (could be very embarrasing!), and calvary and cavalry mixed up a well!