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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm off to see the Wizard

I'm off for another week of vacation, this time to California! Wish me luck that I will get to see some of the stars and directors of my favorite TV shows and movies. Speaking of, I saw The Dark Knight last night, and it was spectacular! The whole movie was great, but wait until you see Two Face! Awesome!

A couple of links: last week's Mr. Teacher column on was about ideas to keep kids from being bored over the summer. This week's column, out today, is all about my experiences filming the game show Whatta Ya Think?

Have a great week, and I'll be back soon!


Melissa B. said...

I haven't had my vay-cay yet this summer, so am a tad grumpy. You know what would cheer me up? BTW, it's that time of week again--please drop on in for a little Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes. You have 2 chances to play!

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight was spectacular, but boy, I was depressed for a long time afterward. What a dark movie.