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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Part time job? I don't think so

A post from a couple of months ago at So You Want to Teach? got me started down the path towards writing this week's Mr. Teacher column on On it, a certain Mr. Frap made a comment to the effect of saying that teachers should consider themselves lucky that they don't work in the business world, because they are basically working a part-time job for full-time wages.

OK, if you're a teacher, your blood is already probably starting to boil. Anyway, my column this week tackles a couple of simple myths and mistakes about teachers that seem to be commonly held by non-teachers.

As always, comments are welcome.


educat said...

The nastiest blog fight I ever had was on this very topic. There is nothing that makes my neck go all spring-loaded and me going all "I know you dih-unt!" than talking about ALL MY FREE TIME.

Joel said...

You know, we do have it pretty easy though! Haha. The biggest job perk is knowing that I am making a difference!

Edna Lee said...

You get 45 minutes of planning time?!?!?

You lucky dog. We get no such time. I am seriously jealous.

(How sad is it when 45 minutes of planning time seems like manna from heaven?)

Mister Teacher said...

The column is getting some good comments, but it was rated 1 star out of 5! Maybe Mr. Frap read it after all!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Edna! 45 sounds great (not as great as 2 hour business lunches, but I'll take what I can get!)

And are the 5 personal days to include sick days? We can accumulate our sick days from year to year (though it's a bit dangerous to test the waters), but we only get 1 personal day - as if all personal business can be conducted in one day.

Love the column by the way... myself and several other teachers!

SciGuy said...

After college I taught HS for 2 years, worked in the business world for 10 years, owned my own business for 3 years, and I have now been back in teaching again for 3 years. Overall owning/working my own business was the hardest, teaching comes second, working in the business world was the easiest (relatively speaking). They all have their good and bad... I will say that if teaching did not include the summer break, than it would edge closer to a first-place tie!

Mister Teacher said...

You seriously don't get ANY planning periods? Are you saying you don't get any breaks during the day beyond lunch?

Sciguy, I am sure running your own business is incredibly stressful...