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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Take my advice (part 2)

Yesterday, I included a couple of writing samples from some of my kids about what advice they would give to second graders who will be in my class next year. Here are a few more choice examples.

This little girl shared a few of the more memorable aspects of being in my class:

I would tell them not to run in the hall or you will get in trouble if you are in Mr. Teacher's class next year you will probably have a behavior folder with codes that say bad stuff that you do and if you do not come to class with all your supplies you will get a code on Fridays if you have one code you will sit out five min. after specials in the afternoon you will do something in March that is called March Mathness that is fun you have to learn your times tables for March Mathness there is this thing that is called score a multiplication touchdown and you have to make a touchdown to get a prize that is so fun I like Mr. Teacher's class it is fun we do something called math around the world that's a fun game too.

[Not much in the way of punctuation there, but I'm glad she enjoyed the games we played.]

This next girl was one of my favorites, and she has some tough love to share with the second graders.

From second grade to third grade is hard. All you have to do is have some harder stuff than in second grade. And you might be shy but you just have to get used to it. Remember that you do not come to school to make friends you come to school to think! You come with a smile on your face! Have fun!

[I love that bit about not coming to school to make friends.]

Finally, we have some advice from one of the more behaviorally-challenged girls in my class. She focused on what she knows best.

When you're going to be in Mr. Teacher's class make sure you don't laugh or talk when you're in a table group cause if you do that he will put you where you will sit by yourself. And if you throw a fit in the classroom he will put you in another classroom. And if you be rude or doing mean things like mocking him he will put you in another classroom and call your parents. And plus you need to not talk when work time because he can hear and see you even when he's not looking.

[Excellent advice; it's truly a shame that she never took this advice herself.]


HappyChyck said...

Sounds like the last one really knew her progression of consequences well!

My 8th graders gave advice to new students that pretty much revealed their own struggles in middle school. I wonder if they learned from their mistakes or if they are simply hoping someone else will?!

Ellen said...

Fun advice... we're not out yet so I'll have to see what advice MY 3rd graders have for their 2nd grade friends. Any chance you can email your "March Mathness" games? I'm always looking for a fun way to motivate the kiddos to learn their x tables.