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Friday, June 06, 2008

Take my advice (part 1)

One of the last writing assignments that I gave to my kids this week had the prompt, "What advice would you give to next year's third graders?"

I got some really good responses, and I'm going to space them out a little bit over the next couple of days, rather than writing one REALLY long post.

Here's one titled, "heads up second graders next year: the eight steps in third grade."

Hello this is ------- giving you a heads up because in order to earn your highest grades these are your goals, first you have to always do your homework, second pay attention in class and do your work, third make sure you try your best on any test taks test or any other work you do, fourth you have to work hard and really hard for parties that are worth it, fifth on writing samples please try your best like me, sixth and if you don't get you folder signed expect no Friday fun time, seventh and expect no recess if you didn't do your homework, eighth and if the whole class is doing something fun and you're in the corner don't expect it.

[I certainly can't argue with any of those points.]

Here's another, titled, "My Words."

If you're going to be in Mr. Teacher's class I have some tips. Never get a attitude with him. Always bring a sharp pencil. Be prepared for the TASKS and study because you never know if it's new or old mostly it's going to be new. Make sure you know how to add, subtract, carry, and borrow. Because you never know if he will pick you.

Make sure that you stay behavior perfect. Never disappoint Mr. T.

[Amen to that one, brother.]

More tomorrow! In the meantime, teachers, please continue sending me your plans for the summer!!

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