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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Even MORE summer plans!

This week's Mr. Teacher column on is the final chapter of what I am calling the "summer vacation trilogy." I've done a column on what my kids are doing over summer break. I've done a column on what I myself am doing over summer break. This week, it's my column about what other teachers are doing over summer break. (Unfortunately, my editor wouldn't let me stretch the series on with what some zoo animals are doing over summer break, what the Diet Coke delivery guys do over summer break, or what Kiefer Sutherland does over summer break.)

Thank you very much to everyone who participated and let me know what their plans were for the next few months.

Also, a very special thanks to Happychyck, who posted a very generous review of my book, Learn Me Good, over on her site last week. If you still don't believe ME when I say it's a pretty good book, take HER word for it!


Anonymous said...

When I look at that list I see that you have created all kinds of content that would be really good for the blog.
The whole point isn't to *add* online writing on top of everything else you do. Nobody has time for that.

Rather, what you want to be thinking of doing is to gradually migrate to writing online *instead* of writing for those other purposes.

Mister Teacher said...

Um, I'm not really sure I understand, steptimer...

Melissa B. said...

As one of my summer projects, I've started a new Event in the Blogosphere. You're invited to contribute to Take Another Look Thursday. It’s a way we teachers can stay on our toes this summer! Perhaps you can plug your book?