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Friday, June 13, 2008

I are the Champions, my friends!

Let it be known -- I am officially a television game show champion!!

I totally rocked the competition, and I won a lovely package of parting gifts (no money though :( )

The show will air some time in July, on the Veria channel on the Dish network. So if you get that package and that channel, stay tuned!


educat said...

Will this perhaps be YouTube-d?

More importantly, what will you do with all that Turtle Wax?


Edna Lee said...

Well Done, Mister Teacher!

I hope you didn't have to sit in a box with meat strapped to your head Japanese-game-show-style to win your lovely parting gifts.


100 Farmers said...

Congratulations!!!! My most annoying cousin ended up winning over 80K from Jeopardy. This from a Izod dressing, Van Halen wannabe from Plano. You are much cooler than him. Hope they were nice gifts.

Mister Teacher said...

Dang, Farmers! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be on Jeopardy!!!

Educat, probably not YouTubed, though it will be on select televisions in the month of July.

Edna Lee, I wasn't on MXC (though I DO love that show).


Melissa B. said...

Congrats, Mr. Teacher! How do we view your show up here on the Right Coast?

ms-teacher said...

Way to go, Mr. Teacher! It is one distinction that you will always hold. Good for you :)