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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bring the funny

Monday, Monday -- can't trust that day. But now there is something you can trust...


Thanks to everyone who has been participating. And unlike the television show Lost, you can jump right into this one even if you're new!

Here's this week's question:

What is the funniest thing a student has said to you this year?

If this were funniest thing EVER, I'd probably go with the kid who informed me, "My bowels be runnin'!"

However, since I did specify THIS year, I think I'll go with a quote that was directed towards me out on the playground. I was walking out of the cafeteria with my class after lunch, and one of my boys asked me,

"Mister Teacher, what's wrong with your balls?"

"Excuse me?" I replied.

He continued, "How come we haven't been able to take your basketballs outside for recess in a long time?"

Good thing I asked him to clarify, huh?

OK let's hear from you now!!


Anonymous said...

A long time ago...a sboy in my class was writing his spelling words and using each in a sentence.

He correctly spelled the spelling word "shirt".

Then went on to write:

"My shit is too small."

Joel said...

In my first period woodwind classes, they were having trouble playing some music. They were complaining about whatever. One of them got tired of it and said, "Do you need a bib and a bottle to go with it?"

That probably wasn't the funniest thing all year, but it was the funniest intentionally funny thing I heard this month. :)

I love middle school!

IMC Guy said...

I had kindergarten students in the library last week and as they were sitting down, one hit or kicked the other. The one who got hit, yelled out, "Mr. L., Nathan hit me in the wieners!"

The word wiener if funny enough on it's own, but when he made it plural, I laughed even harder.

IMC Guy said...

One of our third grade teachers shared with me a sentence a student wrote about what happened in a story they read.

The student wrote "He got his dick tooken away" instead of "He got his bike taken away."

Ms. Jhee said...

I can't think of anything exceedingly hilarious from this year except a few weeks ago as I was leaving the building a student leaned out of the passenger window of a moving SUV and yelled at the top of his lungs: "Ms. Jhee you ROCK!" I didn't even have that kid in class that day. I keep a list of the funny or wierd stuff they ask me HERE and HERE

Last year I had a kid stuffing tissues up his nose and I figured I'd ask him what he was doing before I yelled at him to stop and he informed me that he was tired of blowing his runny nose.

Mrs. T said...

I suppose just recently- when a girl asked me "What do you mean by 'academic strengths'?" in reference to a survey I had the kids fill out on the first day of class. Um, yeah, nuff said.