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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why won't my seeds sprout??

This week's topic of the Mr. Teacher column over on is related to one of our early science projects that we do every year. In studying plants and seeds, we try to observe how seeds sprout. Notice I say "try" because my seeds never seem to sprout as they're supposed to.

Please take a trip over to and check out the full article here!


Jennifer said...

ok, think about this.... seeds germinate underground (think dark, cool and moist) they don't germinate on the surface of the sun. Leave the seeds in the bag, damp, not soaking wet. Keep the bag on a shelf or on your desk. Normal room light is more than enough.

good luck

Mike in Texas said...

Try using a wet cotton ball instead of damp paper towels.

Anonymous said...

the best way is to keep it completely out of the light. i.e. put a bowl or something over the seeds in whatever moistened medium you choose. once sprouted you can transfer to soil when the root tips are about 1/2 long (root down) cover with a little dirt and keep moist. never let the seeds dry out.