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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My birthday wishes

Hey everyone,
Tomorrow is my birthday, so I thought I might make a couple of birthday wishes.

1) That everyone who reads this might go to and order a copy (or 5) of my book, Learn Me Good!

2) Barring that, that everyone might at least go to and read the first couple of chapters of Learn Me Good and talk it up to their friends!

3) That Duke will make the Final Four, seeing as how I just procured tickets to San Antonio this year.

4) That all of my kids will pull their heads out and pass the TAKS!

5) That ABC will decide to prolong the television season so Lost can show their full 8 episodes for this season.

In the meantime, I heard some very interesting things last week related to birthdays and aging. On Friday, my kids were asking me how old I was going to be this week. When I told them I was going to turn 35 on Thursday, I heard three things almost simultaneously.

One of my kids said, "My mom is 23."

Another of my kids said, "My mom is 24."

And a third of my kids said, "My grandmother is older than you!"

My thoughts at the time were that I would certainly hope that their grandmother was older than me, and doing some quick math, that their moms must of been 15 and 16 when they gave birth to the kids in my class!



Joel said...

I realized a couple of years ago that I am in the unique window of teaching where I have some students whose parents are younger than me, and I have a small number of students whose parents are older than my parents. That's a weird feeling... :)

I remember hearing on the radio a while back about a 21 year old grandmother in Dallas...eek

Meg said...

Haha! When I told my students I'm 26, a bunch of them told me their moms are 26, too. They're in first grade, so I didn't think anything of it, except for one who I happen to know is the 3rd of 4 kids...

Happy birthday!

loonyhiker said...

Wait until you get old like me and you are seeing the second generation students come through your classroom. lol Happy Birthday!

Michaele Sommerville said...

Heh heh heh, I can sooooooooo tell you're not a kindergarten teacher- my students are amazed (and some secretly thrilled) when they find out my age (now 38) because they always comment or ask: "Wow! You're older than my mom/dad!" (Followed by a lower whisper) "Does that mean you can put my parents in time-out?"

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Go Duke! I hope they get to the Final Four, and happy birthday!

Smithie said...

When my younger sister who teaches at the high school/middle school we both graduated from, calls and says "oh I have (person who graduated with me)'s kid this year in eighth grade, her mom says 'hey'" it still makes me shiver. It's worse when my dad who teaches in the same school only Juniors and Seniors does the same thing. I'm 35.

Unknown said...

yup, I also teach in DISD, and I have a number of kids whose parents are younger than me (I'm 29) and I teach middle school and high school.
On the other hand I have two kids whose parents are older than my parents, as well.

Chance said...

One of my kids didn't believe I was older than 33 because his dad (who is that age) is taller than me, and as everyone knows, you get taller and you get older.

Jules said...

hope you've had a very very happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I had a parent of a Kinder tell me at the beginning of this school year tell me, "you were my Art Teacher when I went to school here."

I said, "Am I that old?"

To which she replied, "No, I started having em' young."


Mrs. Bluebird said...

One of my students this year, who was 13 (I teach 7th grade) has a mother who is...26.