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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

A few observations from the Valentine's Day party at school today:

A couple of kids who did not bring ANYTHING for anybody else sat at their desks and shouted, "I didn't get one of those yet!" at the kids who DID bring things for everybody.

A couple of kids brought a box of Valentines that had no names on them, despite me handing out a list of class names on Tuesday. They then expected to be able to fill out the information on each card within 10 minutes.

My visually impaired student kept coming up to me and asking, "Mister Teacher, who is this one for? Who is THIS one for?" because he couldn't read the names his mom had printed on the cards.

A couple of kids brought ginormous bags of Hot Cheetos, and shared them by dumping a handful on each desk.

The little girl with pink eye was handing out cupcakes and frosted cookies. And I do mean HANDING them out. (My class tomorrow might look like a bad Kodak photograph.)

I now have enough candy to last until Halloween.

Sleep now.

1 comment:

loonyhiker said...

I was just are your eyes today. Sounds like you had a fun valentine post office time!