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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You mean I have to schedule?

This week's Mr. Teacher column over on is all about lesson plans. You know what I'm talking about. If you work in my district, you can relate to the excess paperwork that we're dealing with here. If you work in another district, you might have very similar stories.

And of course, they keep telling us that next year, even MORE detail will be required...

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Rhea said...

First of all, I second your post on ABC extending their season so we can see more LOST. I LOVE that show.

Secondly, I have two children in public school in Collin County, and I am horrified at the amount of testing they do weekly. We just moved here from Austin, and the testing up here has DOUBLED what we did in Austin. It's overwhelming! My sons both made top grades in Austin and were at an exemplary school and are here in Collin County as well. Do you think testing is out of control?

Mike in Texas said...

I saw you'll be hosting the carnival next week.

Dude! You're going to host a carnival when March Madness is starting up?

Mister Teacher said...

Rhea, standardized testing is definitely out of control. I'm kind used to the regular testing over learned topics though.
Mike, I'll be hosting the Carnival TWO weeks from now -- Over Spring Break. Figured that was the best time to do it. And actually, that'll put it right BEFORE March Madness starts.