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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sound off!

Hey everyone, I realize I have done this a few times throughout the year and a half that I have been blogging, but I'm doing it yet again, so who's gonna stop me? ;)

It's time for another roll call, sound off, guestbook, lurker alert--whatever you want to call it. It's quite simple really, I just want to know who my visitors are!

So all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and let me know who you are, where you're from, and a little bit about yourself. That can be how you happened upon my blog, what you teach (or what you do, if not teaching), or why exactly, you were born with no belly button.

Hoping to get a lot of response to this one!

Also, just as a reminder, there's still time to vote for me (and others like Education in Texas and A Shrewdness of Apes) at the Blogger's Choice Awards! And the YouTube Challenge is still up and running. So far, only 7 or 8 people are in the running to win those T-shirts! Oh, and the deadline has been extended to October 15, to let the school year get underway a bit.


Anonymous said...

I read every post on your site in full. I added it some time ago to my RSS reader; I read your new content as soon as it's posted. I regret that I don't comment as often as I'd like, but I read ~225 education blogs right now and seldom have time to leave as many words as I'd like.

If you'd like some details about me, feel free to click the About tab on my site. Keep it up - I enjoy your site a great deal.

Matthew K. Tabor

Jenny said...

I read everything you post and greatly enjoy it. I just passed the Place Value game idea on to a first year 3rd grade teacher.

I'm in Virginia, but born and raised in Texas.

Malini said...

Hello! I am a first year teacher and will be starting to teach 3rd grade next week. I just graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and will be teaching in Fairfax County VA. A family friend of mine forwarded me your idea about place value and I loved it! I can't wait to try it out with my kids. Thanks for the great idea! Check out my blog at

A. Lee Crawford said...

I admit I'm a lurker. I almost never post, but I do quite enjoy your blog.

I'm a fourth-year history/geography teacher in Utah with an odd sense of humor.

I only have one question: How did you know I lack a belly button? My masters will be upset. Quite upset.

Unknown said...

Hey from the Northwest. I am an 'old' teacher...29 years +and have your blog in my RSS reader too.
I teach 5th grade in a small town on the coast of WA

Mister Teacher said...

Hey everyone,
Thanks for commenting! Matthew, 225 blogs -- and you still have time to write your own?? WOW!
Jenny, I'm in Texas, but I was born in Virginia (but only raised for about a year).
Malini, good luck with your first year of teaching! It can be rough, but entertaining. My first year provided me with enough fodder for a novel! ;)
Jenny and Malini, I'm wondering, do we all know the same friend up in VA? A certain lady who just got done playing a feline in a musical??
Aaron, a lurker come to light is always a good thing! Thanks for commenting!
Dana, thanks for reading, and good luck this year!

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't suggest I had a life outside of education, did I? ;)

Dr Pezz said...

I teach high school English in WA state and am new to the blogging world. I enjoy your writing. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Herrow. I teach 3rd grade too. 10 years. I am a Texas teacher, REALLY REALLY looking forward to inservice tomorrow.

Think I'll get in trouble if I spend 8 days of inservice in the ladies' room, playing Tetris?

ms-teacher said...

I think I may have found you via ms.cornelius' blog. I have been reading your blog for a few months and thoroughly enjoyed your you tube videos.

This year, I'm teaching Language Arts & History and I teach 6th grade at a middle school. That's where I got my name for my blog :)

During my childhood, I spent a lot of time being the new kid because I was a Navy Brat (I attended 13 or 14 schools). As a result of all this moving, I detest moving as an adult.

I'm the mom to three (mostly) wonderful kids and have been married for 21 years to a great guy. He makes me laugh on an almost daily basis, which is I believe, crucial to a successful marriage.

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular lurker (interpret that as you like...) in Fort Worth. I'm returning to teaching (my 9th year) after a two-year hiatus in private industry. I teach the rhetoric students at a classical school locally.

I very much enjoy your writing-thanks!

Anonymous said...

I teach Art in Dallas, been teaching for 23 years. First five with severely emotionally disturbed children in East Texas. Two years high school level Art. Thirteen years art at the same elementary school in Dallas. I am a cohort of Mister Teacher.


Mike in Texas said...

I read your blog whenever you update it (you lazy S.O.B.) and sometimes even post here.

Kayla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayla said...

Hey, I'm from Canada. I enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to new entries. I was in a Barnes and Noble in the States looking for your book which I gladly would have bought but no copies were in. When will you get more books in store for those of us not fond of online shopping?! Sorry for the delete...had an editing problem.

andbrooke said...

I've happened upon your blog several times (it's a small edublogging world).

I'm a Utah English teacher. I mean, I teach English in Utah, not that I teach the Utah version of English.

Mrs. T said...

As usual, I've come to the party late, but still hopin' to get in on the fun.
I'm in Iowa- but on the Illinois border, was born in New Jersey, have a cousin in Colorado, vacationed in Wisconsin once....

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I found you, but it was recently. I teach middle school math on the East Coast.

Mister Teacher said...

Joe! Good to get a comment from you again! REALLY looking forward to Monday! hahaha
Fricassee, where in Texas do you teach? Obviously not Dallas, because we don't start inservice until next Monday.
Doc, thanks for reading! :)
Ms Teacher, Mrs T, Statue, andbrooke -- thanks for the comment! I hope you have great school years!
Mike, we can't all be building hot tubs in our spare time over the summer, so some of us just don't have as much to blog about...
Easy Rider, thanks for unlurking!
Kayla, Learn Me Good is not available in most Barnes & Nobles, but it CAN be found in some Borders bookstores in the states. But your best bet is probably Amazon or Lulu.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

You're one of my regular reads. I teach 7th grade science and I'm in my 5th year. Gave up a business career that bored me silly to work with 7th graders, so that proves I'm a bit nuts.

Ed U. Cater said...

Ummm... sorry I'm late. Here's my tardy slip. I'm a 4th grade math teacher at Mister Teacher's school. This will be my 12th year in education. You should try playing "Math Basketball" sometime. Kids love it. I'm gonna try to blog more religiously this year.

Anonymous said...

I there, I am also a "lurker"!

I am in a suburb of Dallasnear Mesquite and Richardson and teach 8th grade science:)

I check your blog every evening after I put my daughter to bed, along with a few others...keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hola, Vivek from India. I read often, post occasionally, and always enjoy the experience!

Mister Teacher said...

Thanks for commenting, Mrs. Bluebird, Amanda, and Vivek! And with the speaking up of Ed U Cater and Anonymous Joe, I think everyone who I work with who actually reads this blog has commented!