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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

M!$+ER +E@CHER'$ EM@!L

Don't you just hate getting those incredibly obvious spam e-mails, where the senders thought it would be a good idea to replace certain letters with comic strip profanity symbols? Not that that is in any way a dead giveaway, as I am just constantly receiving e-mails from my close personal friends regarding insider stock tips, adult dating sites, and techniques for increasing the size of certain body parts.

But I found it rather ironic to receive an e-mail through my school account with the subject "DISD Alert - Malicious Email Alert" and this body:

Malicious Email Alert

Be advised that an email is traversing the internet with a subject line of:

"Please Update your Firewall as soon as possible"

Do not open this email, delete it immediately because it attempts to get users to click on the link contained in the email to install malicious software on your computer. Always exercise caution when you receive emails from unknown sources that want you to take some type of action like clicking on a link to install software or visiting a website to provide your personal information.

OK, thanks! I'll be sure to immediately delete any e-mail I get with the subject "Please Update your Firewall as soon as possible." But since I haven't received any warnings other than this one, I guess I'm supposed to just tear open the messages that I've received in the past few weeks that say "xol," "4637124," "Dude your gonna get caught, lol," "a Digital card from someone who cares," "Read this before Market open," "Most popular watches at the lowest price," and "win her over with your big d!ck, guy!"

Where are all of the warnings for those?? And where is the spam blocker or the censor? I get more junk mail through my school account than I do through my Yahoo account! It's starting to make me really want to k!ck some @$$!!!


Ed U. Cater said...

Funny. Today for my spam, I got “Extra large size for real man to satisfy insatiable women!”; The Malicious Email Alert; and “You must be The Real Man with “huge dignity”! I used to never get spam.. Then they supposedly put in some new spam filter because some bigwig in the central office kept getting tons of it. Now EVERYBODY gets tons of it.

Mike in Texas said...

Dude, I may not be blogging much anymore b/c I got an email from a manager at the central bank of africa, and he'll give me a commision for helping him move some money out of the country. All I need to give him is my name, social security number, credit card number, bank account number, address, a list of expensive electronic equipment I might own, my schedule, and the code to my alarm system (if I have one).

All in all sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Anonymous said...

Mike in texas- don't bother because I already gave him my info and I'll be helping him with that little chore. I don't have an alarm system, though, so I need the code to Mr. Teacher's.

Mister Teacher said...

To Anonymous:
Uhhhhhh, WHAT???

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sorry about that - I must've forgotten to log in when I accidentally posted that comment as Anonymous.

What can I say? That's what happens when I'm up too late working. And by "working," I mean "huffing glue and smoking crystal meth."

I've noticed that comment on other blogs - one said she couldn't delete it. Is it some sort of blog comment virus?

Anonymous said...

Well that was .... special.

susan said...

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