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Monday, August 20, 2007

My other vehicle is a TIE fighter

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went with my brother, my sister-in-law, and their two kids to the Fort Worth Museum of Science. They have a touring Star Wars exhibit that will only be there for a couple more weeks, so we wanted to be sure we got in to see it.

It was really pretty cool. They had a lot of props and models on display, including Darth Vader's armor, a handful of wookiees, and lots of droids. Not just R2-D2 or C-3PO, mind you. 2-1B was there, as was FX-7, so we're talking a geek's paradise here.

It was a lot of fun to go with my nephew, who's not quite three. He kept shouting for me to look at various things, and grabbing my hand to lead me over to other areas to show me stuff. Very entertaining, and a nice activity to get done before school started back up.

I even had a picture taken!

May the Force be with you as you begin this new school year!


Mrs. T said...

That exhibit is coming to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago this fall- we plan to go. Not sure if Star Wars falls in the "science" or "industry" category...
Nice picture. Do they have an Ewok option?

Dr Pezz said...

To share my own geeky moment, this summer my wife and I went to the Star Trek museum in Las Vegas on a lark and had a blast! We have pictures with a Ferengi and a Klingon and got three bobbleheads. I'm putting them in my classroom for my geeky brethren to enjoy. :)