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Friday, August 10, 2007

Seek and ye shall find

I am always amused by seeing some of the things that pop up as search terms that lead people to my blog. My stat counter program does a keyword analysis, so I can see what people are typing into Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc.

I can see why people would be looking for things like "teacherinsight review" or "multiplications 4 me." And I've come to accept the fact that I will always have at least 10 hits out of every hundred by weirdos looking for perverted phrases based upon my bathroom post from last year.

But here are the few of the funnier or more unusual search terms that I've seen this week.

"Wookie soundbite"

"why do I get unknown calls"

"don't touch me the book"

"db velveeta comic book artist"

"how to call an unknown caller"

"shooting a bird wit your middle finger"

"approval whore"

"what are wookiees good for"

"back cracked bear hug"

"origin of picante"

"touch me shirts"

"drinks for itbs"

"who teaches classes at the Xavier school for gifted youngsters?"

I think that last one is my favorite, though I certainly do like to see a healthy interest for the wookiee community. And anytime you can mix drinks with the ITBS, it's OK in my book.


rookie teacher said...

Some of the searches are classic ... you have to wonder who is behind the string of words.

Anonymous said...

Well.... what exactly are wookies good for??

Mister Teacher said...

Wookiees are good for discovering incredible odors!!