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Monday, August 27, 2007

Insert your own humor here

Maybe there are a lot of teachers out there who still have energy after this, the first day of school, is complete. But I am certainly not one of them.

Thus, this will be a very short blog post.

I am BEAT! I think it was some combination of -- getting to the school before 7 (yet still finding it full of students and parents), not getting any breaks all day long, lunch being rescheduled, kids falling asleep in class (who knew I was THAT boring?), and kids not staying in the proper lines for dismissal. Oh, and also the back pain caused by two bulging discs. Can't forget about that.

But at any rate, I am WHIPPED!!!

I hope that everyone's first day was a good one!


educat said...

Isn't it incredible to think that you did this every day last year and didn't die from it!?

I've been wondering for a couple of weeks now if this is the same job I had before.

To stamina!

Mike in Texas said...

For bulging disc, I recommend a yoga class that has a really cute and flexible teacher, who watches over you like a hawk b/c she's sure you're going to fall down sooner or later.