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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Save Our Screech

From the "Trying their darndest to stave off obscurity" files comes this story about someone who always annoyed the heck out of me.
Remember the TV show Saved by the Bell? Of course you do. Girls liked it for two of the three main male stars -- Mark Paul something or other (who, despite persistent rumors, is NOT dead from an auto accident), and Mario López (whose career basically IS dead, as he's currently doing some lame show on the Animal Planet network). Guys of course liked it for young Miss Kelly Kapowski, who gave us that same feeling of climbing the rope in gym class.
(Yes, I realize there are certain individuals out there who perhaps appreciated the show for its other characters. But frankly, the so-called "Beldingphiles" scare me...)
ANYWAY, back to the original purpose of this post. I saw something in the paper yesterday that does not concern any of the actors or actresses that I have mentioned so far. Instead, this is a story about Screech. Yes, that Screech. It would seem that the vocally-impaired, curly-top goofball is selling autographed T-shirts of himself in order to raise enough money to stop foreclosure on his house. My guess is that "the Bell" just wasn't enough to save him, in the long run. Now, he's relying on his legions upon legions of fans to shell out their hard earned dough.
Can't say that I'll be giving to the cause, but if anyone else is interested, here is the address to help out poor old Screech.


Mrs. T said...

This would be a hilarious gag gift for someone...and a hilarious gift for someone else. That Screech is resourceful, ya gotta give him that.

Phineus said...

I wonder if his brother Mike D (Beastie Boys), and his father Neil Diamond have helped support the cause? There's 35 bucks right there.

Smithie said...

Is it just me, or does this sound like something cooked up by Zack to get money to rent a limo for prom?

Mister Teacher said...

That is hilarious!
But why the heck are we still talking about Screech? I still miss Kelly! Maybe she can be convinced to do Showgirls II.

Anonymous said...

That was Jessie, not Kelly! Any self respecting pop culture junkie should know that.

Mister Teacher said...

Jessie did Showgirls part 1 -- a ridiculously stupid movie. I am suggesting that a sequel might be better by replacing Jessie with Kelly!
Don't worry, I'm as up-to-date on my pop culture as ever... though I don't see you criticizing Phineus' creation of Screech's family tree...