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Friday, June 30, 2006

Now in store(s)!

There is definitely a reason that I am not in sales. I've spent the past couple of days calling and visiting local bookstores to see if I can get my book, Learn Me Good, on the shelves. For some reason, if you're not associated with Random House, it's mighty hard to get your foot in the door!
But I can report that I have made a tiny bit of progress. Learn Me Good IS on the shelves at one store in Dallas!! The store is called Paperbacks Plus, and the guy agreed to take three copies on consignment. Basically that means I gave them to him for free, and if someone buys them, then I get paid. If no one buys them, I take them back.
On an even more promising note, though uncertain as of now, I left one copy of the book at a teacher's supply store very close to my own school campus that is heavily trafficked. The owner is going to look it over and decide if she wants to accept a few copies on consignment. I mean, it's basically a win-win situation for the store owner, as it doesn't cost them a sense unless the copies sell, in which case they're making a profit.
I can also now claim to have a copy of my book in the Dallas library system. Of course, it's only at one branch, and it's a donated copy, but hey -- the possibility of a library patron coming across my book and reading it has jumped from 0% to almost 15%!!
In terms of online progress, Learn Me Good should be available on, Barnes &, and several other online retailers before the end of July.
I'm excited!

Saturday evening update:
Someone alerted me to this site that I was not even aware of. It has a mini-review of Learn Me Good, and it was placed there completely independently of any effort on MY part! How cool is that?
On the COMPLETELY opposite end of the spectrum, I happened across this site, which seems to have been written from Bizarro World. This is an incredibly twisted version of my press release, which just goes to show the dangers of using a thesaurus without adult supervision...


Mister Teacher said...

Amerloc, I'm not sure exactly what has happened. I got an e-mail saying you had posted a comment, but I can't seem to find the actual comment. But I'm going to reply to it anyway.

Thanks for the kind words, I hope that someday you can get around to reading it -- but more importantly, I hope that Beta made it through surgery all right (whoever Beta is)!

Amerloc said...

Haha - checked the site you called Bizarro World, and it makes me wonder if they aren't using a double- or triple-translation scheme.

Beta you would know better as BonnieTTT over on T-Net

Mister Teacher said...

I figured they might just be trying to avoid being accused of plagiarism...

How is Bonnie? It's been a long time since she's commented here on my board. I hope she's okay?